Procedures for changing the name of the company

Change the company name, brand name change is a change in the demand for the content of business registration of enterprises often see Vietnam in the current period. To help businesses more convenient, faster procedures for changing the name of this business, we receive consultation processes, procedures and receive services company renamed prestige package in the city.

Change profile name of the company / business including:

     Name of the company intends to change (including name Vietnamese, English and abbreviations if applicable)
     Original business license

Time: 1-5 working days depending on the needs of customers

Service Package Price: 400,000 VND

When changing the company name, synonymous with the need to change the corporate seal. Change stamp fee is 500,000 VND (including state fee). Time 2 working days

If you are still wondering questions about procedures and services company name change of, do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

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