Establishment Ltd. a member service providers establish a limited liability company membership package, offer free advice on matters relating to the procedure established member limited liability companies, providing free text legislation relating to the procedure established member limited liability companies, representing clients working with state agencies in the establishment and operation of the company. Here is the relevant information about the procedures established member limited liability companies, and service formed a limited liability company membership packages at


- Co., a member of the individual / organization making owners. Individual Legal Representative.

- There are legal status.

- Responsible limited in scope capital.

- Owners of discretion in the administration of the company.

- Model: Board of Management and director or the company president and director.

1.The free counseling issues related to the establishment of a limited liability company member

- Advice on the organizational structure of the company.

- Advice on legal representative.

- Consult a company name: Vietnamese name, English name, abbreviation consistent with industry operations of the company.

- Look up the name of the company

- Advice about addressing the headquarters for the company / branch / representative office / place of business.

- Consult the initial investment, legal capital, capital.

- Advice on capital contribution ratio between the member if the owner is held.

- Consulting business choice.

- Advice on the license, the relevant procedures of some business conditions.

- Advice on the position and powers of the company.

- Consultant detailed business tax issues, financial obligations after the business registration process and production business.

- Consulting, check the legality of the information that customers require.

- In case the customer needs advice directly at home, or meet with partners exchange of customers in the establishment of the company, we will arrange and ensure the participation as required.

- We represent clients translation, notarized documents related.

- Consulting edit, additional business registration documents, certificate of business registration.

2. Procedures for establishment of one member limited liability company - you need to prepare the following documents and information:

1. ID / passport notarized copies thereof shall not exceed 6 months of owners: 5 copies

2. The information about the company you plan to start such a business name, office address, the charter capital, the professions, legal representative.
3. A certified copy of certificate if requested trades certificate. (List trades certificate request)
Note: No need household, no rental agreement, paperless home

3. The period for completion of service: 2-10 days (excluding the 7th day, Sundays and holidays). Time may vary depending on the business needs of customers

Procedures for quick, convenient, customers have right now for his own without any difficulty.

If you wish to use the services of a company limited by our members, please contact us all the holidays and holidays, in the form of face to face, telephone or email 24/24.

Prices incorporation services

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