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Ltd. is the most common type in our country today. If you are the business idea, are among those who want to establish Co., Ltd., is a consultant to ensure rapid procedures, professional and dedicated customers, then go to Joy Vietnam News. Service Co., Ltd. established two members of Faith Vietnam is the best service without any law firm in Ho Chi Minh City match. You will feel secure and confident when doing service limited liability company established two older TV with us. Here are some key features of the limited liability company members and established procedures limited liability company members.

COMPANY PROFILE two or more members

- Co., a member of the individual / organization making owners. Individual Legal Representative.

- The number of members 2-50 people.

- There are legal status.

- Responsible limited in scope capital.

- Owners of discretion in the administration of the company after the completion of the obligations of Law.

- To issue bonds if the former company of categories Stock / State and now has turned Limited.

- Member of the Company may transfer one or all of the capital contributed to other members of the company or outside the company. Or may require the company to acquire the entire share capital of its members after they are approved.

- Model: Co. have 2 members must be members of the Board, Chairman of the Board members, directors. Ltd. has over 11 members have the Supervisory Board.

1.The free counseling issues related to the establishment of limited liability company members

- Advice on the organizational structure of the company.

- Advice on legal representative.

- Consult a company name: Vietnamese name, English name, abbreviation consistent with industry operations of the company.

- Look up the name of the company.

- Advice about addressing the headquarters for the company / branch / representative office / place of business.

- Consult the initial investment, legal capital, capital.

- Advice on capital contribution ratio between members.

- Consulting business choice.

- Advice on the license, the relevant procedures of some business conditions.

- Advice on the position and powers of the company.

- Consultant detailed business tax issues, financial obligations after the business registration process and production business.

- Consulting, check the legality of the information that customers require.

- In case the customer needs advice directly at home, or meet with partners exchange of customers in the establishment of the company, we will arrange and ensure the participation as required.

- We represent clients translation, notarized documents related.

- Consulting edit, additional business registration documents, certificate of business registration.

2. Clients provide the following documents:

1. ID / passport notarized less than 6 months of the founding members: 2 copies separate legal representative: 5 copies

2. Information on businesses: business name, office address, the charter capital, the professions, legal representatives and members.
3. A certified copy of certificate if industry conditions. (List of industries need a practicing certificate)

3. The period for completion of service: 2-10 days (excluding the 7th day, Sundays and holidays). Time may vary depending on the business needs of customers

Procedures for quick, convenient, customers have right now for his own without any difficulty.

If you wish to use the service established limited liability company members do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation

Pricing services company founded Package

Register a company online (20% service charge)

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