Procedures established a joint stock company is a consulting firm with a staff of young, dynamic and always dedicated to our customers. Here we have established service company shares. Customers using the service will be satisfied and did not see any difficulty in establishing a joint stock company in Vietnam. Here are a few brief definition of a joint stock company, established registration documents, procedures and services established a joint stock company in package.

Under the Company Law in 2005, the company shares the following characteristics:

- Legal representative: 1 individual
- Shareholders may be an organization / individual.
- Number of shareholders: at least 3 people.
- There are legal status.
- Responsible limited in scope capital.
- To issue shares
- Shareholders may transfer one or all of their shares to other shareholders in the company or outside the company. Or may require the company to repurchase all of their shares after shareholder approval.

- Model: Have Shareholders Association, Chairman of the Shareholders, Directors. Corporation has over 11 shareholders must have a Supervisory Board.

Profile establish a joint stock company include:

Request for business registration (by the legal representative sign)
The draft charter company (must be signed by the legal representative, of the founding shareholders or their authorized representatives of the founding shareholders)

List of founding
A valid copy of the personal identification papers or legal validity of all founding shareholders, legal representatives:

4.1 - Individual nationality Vietnam: The identity card or passport.
4.2 - If founding the organization:
- Decision on establishment; Certificate of registration of the enterprise (or certificate of business registration and tax registration certificate or certificate of business registration and tax registration).
- One of the personal identification papers under Clause 4.1 above the authorized representative and the corresponding authorization decision. (Reference content authorized in Article 96Luat Enterprise).
Documents certifying the legal capital of agencies and organizations authorized for company business lines that prescribed by law, the legal capital List of some professions require legal capital;
A copy of a valid practicing certificate of one or a few individuals if the company business lines that prescribed by law must have a practicing certificate List of some professions require a practicing certificate;
Index records (listed in the order above);


Consulting services free of issues related to the establishment of a joint stock company.
- Advice on the organizational structure of the company.
- Advice on legal representative.
- Consult a company name: Vietnamese name, English name, abbreviation consistent with industry operations of the company.
- Look up the name of the company
- Advice about addressing the headquarters for the company / branch / representative office / place of business.
- Consult the initial investment, legal capital, capital.
- Advice on capital contribution ratio between the shareholders if the owner is held.
- Consulting business choice.
- Advice on the license, the relevant procedures of some business conditions.
- Advice on the position and powers of the company.
- Consultant detailed business tax issues, financial obligations after the business registration process and production business.
- Consulting, check the legality of the information that customers require.
- In case the customer needs advice directly at home, or meet with partners exchange of customers in the establishment of the company, we will arrange and ensure the participation as required.
- We represent clients translation, notarized documents related.
- Consulting edit, additional business registration documents, certificate of business registration.
Customers provide the following documents:

ID / passport notarized within 3 months of the owner / founder shareholders.
Information on the business name, office address, the charter capital, the professions, legal representatives / shareholders.
Certified copy of certificate if industry conditions.
Complete service time: 2-7 days (excluding the 7th day, Sundays and holidays). Time may vary depending on the business needs of customers

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